China snack food industry has great potential



      In recent years, with increasing levels of China's national economic development, people's consumption patterns are increasingly diversified, leisure and snack food seems to have become the new darling of the people's daily food consumption.

      Statistics show that the snack food manufacturing industry in the year 2009 to create the industrial output value reached RMB 436.45 billion, up 27.5%; Sales revenue reached RMB 430.4 billion, up 31.4%; achieved profit of RMB 11.77 billion, an increase of 52.9%. The snack food industry in China to enter the golden period of fast development in these years.

      With the improvement of China's economic level and the rise of tourism, people's consumption level and the purchasing power continued improvement, the snack food market will continue to be growth rate of more than 20%, Only snack food enterprises registered an up to more than 100,000, these data are undoubtedly clear to the huge development potential and living space of the snack food industry in China.

      Delicious snack foods can reduce the psychological pressure of the people, can help us to ease the emotions, and keep you have a good mood. Therefore, in people's daily expenses, the snack food expenditure is an essential part. Even by the economic crisis in recent years, the demand for snack foods also showed increased rather than decreased the momentum. For example, The China Lifestyle Food and Beverages Group Limited,successfully operates a number of snack food brands, Labixiaoxin, Xian Q,You mo, Xiang dou fang,etc. Labixiaoxin is well-known as the core brand, won the "China Famous Trademark", and occupies a leading position in the jelly product market.  China Lifestyle Food and Beverages Group Limited (01262.HK), selling RMB1.28 billion in the year of 2011, up 37.4%; gross profit of RMB 513 million, an increase of 49.9%. Achieved a net profit growth of 50% to RMB 222 million.

      Therefore, the snack food is still have huge potential for development, and is promising.