The era of full competition, The five trumps of Labixiaoxin



      With 30 years of reform and opening up, the food industry adjusted the opening stage, deepen the reform stage, innovation and specification stage, has now entered a stage of rapid development, has developed into a relatively complete, to meet domestic market demand, with some export competitiveness of industry, achieved sustained, rapid and healthy development of good posture.

      Food industrial output value increased at an average rate of more than 20%, more than 3.2 trillion food industry, food manufacturing 750 billion. The sales revenue of rapid growth, a substantial increase in economic efficiency, continue to maintain the forefront of the position of the largest national economy in various industrial sectors, have an important role of the pillar industries for national economic construction. However, the food industry is increasingly competitive, products, channels, brands, resources, and price competition in the scope of the competition to expand to full.

      Faced with the current trend of development of the food industry as well as all-round competition in the industry, Labixiaoxin from the five aspects of brand management, channel, talent, capital "to expand the competitive advantage.

      Labixiaoxin well aware of the importance of brand, since the presence of jelly market that day, they pay attention to product quality and build brand diligently. After profound study of the market, analysis of the brand themselves,outlook on the industry prospects, Labixiaoxin put forward the new market theme: “ With Labixiaoxin, Happy every day ”.

      Labixiaoxin take the lead to carry out the management innovation in jelly industry. Throughout the production process, pay full attention to the process control, to draw up kinds of detailed management systems and practices. The company pays attention to the choice of raw materials and production process control, fully embodies the role of the production and processing of food safety.

The company listed in Hong Kong last year by the super large central enterprises into COFCO and the Pacific Investment Management Company shares, the large influx of capital, so that enterprises will enter a new rapid development orbit.